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How to use Tinder in UAE / Dubai

How to use Tinder in UAE / Dubai : Tinder is one of the best apps out there for dating, On the app you can swipe left to reject a user and right to accept. Tinder uses Instagram pictures of yours, when you create a profile it asks you to connect your Instagram account and sync selected pictures to the app. Tinder has great interface and it is a dating / hookup app so it is banned in UAE / Dubai. But, a lot of people are still using tinder in UAE / Dubai.

You can still use tinder in UAE by using a VPN. Follow the below steps on how to use tinder in Dubai.

How to Use Tinder in UAE / Dubai ?

1. Sign up for a good VPN software such as VYPR VPN or NORD VPN, use the below links to get discount.


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2. Once you have registered Download and Install the VPN App on your device such as Android / iOS.

3. After Installing the app, Sign in using the registered email and password.

4. Now connect to any location such as United States, United Kingdom or Australia.

5. Open your tinder app and start swiping the profiles you are interested in.

Note : In UAE, you’ll sometimes find escorts offering their services, unmatch them if you found any as it can get you in serious trouble and also some scammers are posing as women on the app don’t meet them personally if they keep insisting to meet you. If you plan to meet, choose a safe public place such as Malls, Gardens etc.


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