How to Unblock YouTube at School / Work Easily

How to Unblock YouTube at School / Work Easily
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How to Unblock YouTube at School / Work Easily : YouTube is one of the widely used websites in the world, with 3.7 Billion visits a month It is the third most visited website after Google and Facebook. YouTube has millions of videos on the website ranging from Cooking Videos, Tutorials, How-To Videos and you name it. There is literally everything you can find on YouTube these days.

If you are have any doubts in Programming you can use Google to find the solution, If you wanna learn cooking, YouTube has thousands of videos and hundred different recipes to watch. But, if you live in a country where YouTube is blocked / banned or if you are at School / Work where YouTube is blocked, you can unblock YouTube using a VPN. I don’t recommend using a free VPN as there are hundreds or thousands of people using free VPN’s and that will slow down the speed and result in YouTube loading slower and buffering a lot.

Why is YouTube blocked at School / Work ?

You must be curious, Why a website like YouTube is blocked at School / Work in the first place. Because of the rampant use of Smartphones, most people spend their time using Facebook/Whatsapp/Snapchat rather than focusing on Study/Work even at school and workplaces. So, the School / Work blocks sites that they think are not-worthy of using during school and it also saves them a lot of bandwidth.

You can use the methods described here to unblock Youtube in less than 2 minutes if you are at school / work

YouTube Banned in Other Countries

YouTube has been banned in other countries such as Pakistan, China and many more countries due to offensive content that was uploaded on the website. Later, They have lifted ban and even now YouTube is banned in some parts of the world.

Method 1 : Using VPN

Method 2 : Using Proxies

Method 3 : Clearing Browser History

Method 4 : Removing Plugins and Extensions

Method 5 : Using TOR Browser

Method 6 : Using Opera Browser

Here, i have wrote some methods using which you can Unblock YouTube 

How to Unblock YouTube at School / Work Easily

Method 1 : Using VPN [ Recommended ]

You can unblock YouTube using VPN, In short, A VPN is a software which gives you a different IP address through which you can browse a website that is blocked in your country or at School / Work.

1. First Go to VYPR VPN and select any plan or you can choose any other VPN from the below list, use the below code to get 25% OFF Discount


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2. Select any plan and enter all your details such as Name, Email, Password and pay for the VPN software using PayPal / Credit Card / Debit Card / AliPay

3. Now Download and Install VYPR VPN on your device.

   Download VYPR VPN

4. Now Open the VYPR VPN and Sign in to your VYPR VPN Application using the registered Email and Password.

5. Now select any location and Click connect, and you’ll be connected to an random country and it’ll give you a different IP address.

6. Now, Go to and you’ll see that YouTube has unblocked on your Phone/Computer.

Method 2 : Using Proxies

You can also Unblock YouTube by using Proxies, Proxies sites are websites that let you browse the blocked website using a Random IP Address. I Don’t recommend using this method since millions of users will be using the proxies which will eventually slow down and take lot of time for a site to load.

Method 3 : Clear Browsing History

If you keep getting blank page while trying to access YouTube, then you need to clear your Browsing History including Caches and retry it. It will work and you can see YouTube Unblocked in less than 2 minutes.

Method 4 : Removing Extensions and Plugins

If you have recently added any Plugins or Extensions in your Google Chrome Browser or Mozilla Firefox Browser, then you might want to disable and retry it and see if YouTube unblocked or not.

Method 5 : Use TOR Browser

You can also use TOR Browser to Unblock YouTube, TOR browser is an anonymous browser which lets you browse websites without tracking your IP Address.

Method 6 : Using Opera Browser

You can unblock YouTube using Opera Browser if you are on PC/Laptop. Opera has inbuilt VPN Software which lets you connect to an external IP Address and let’s you connect to YouTube and unblock YouTube in no time

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