How to Unblock / Access Torrent Sites in Australia ?

How to Unblock / Access Torrent Sites in Australia ?
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In December 2016, Australian Internet Service Providers have started blocking many download sites that include torrent websites it is part of the Australian law that prohibit users from visiting sites that share copyrighted content. While torrenting isn’t illegal, torrent let’s users to share large amount of files easily compressed in a torrent file. but, due to the large amount of copyrighted content shared on this websites many people believe torrents are illegal.

However, Torrents can be used to download stuff like books, PDF’s and it is legal, with the recent torrent ban in Australia it is harder to access torrents websites. In this guide you can learn how to unblock / access torrent sites in Australia.

The only legit way to access torrents sites in Australia is by Using a Premium VPN.

What Torrent Sites Blocked in Australia ?

The Torrent site ban include The PirateBay, 1337X, ExtraTorrents, Kickass Torrents and the list goes on. To get around the ban you need a working VPN.

What is a VPN ?

VPN Stands for Virtual Private Network, It establishes a secure connection between the website and a user. A VPN is a powerful tool, Every Internet Service provider logs your history and they would know every site you have visited.

Using a VPN will encrypt your traffic and hide your online activity and no one could know what you are browsing as most of the VPN companies don’t keep logs of your activity.

How to Unblock Torrent Sites in Australia ?

1. Visit VYPR VPN and select any plan, use the below link to get 25% Discount (or) Select any VPN from Best Torrenting VPN

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2. In the Next step, Enter your Email, Password, Billing Details and pay for the subscription.

3. Once you have registered, Download and Install VYPR VPN app on your device such as Windows / Mac / Android / iPhone / Blackberry / RasperryPi.

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4. Now Open the VYPR VPN on your device and login using your registered Email Address and Password.

5. Click on the Location tab and click show all server locations and select USA Servers or UK Server and connect it.

6. Now go to any of the torrent sites and you will be able to browse torrents easily.

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You have succesfully unblocked torrent sites in Australia. If you have any questions post them in the comments section.

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