How to Watch / Access American Netflix Outside USA – Best Netflix VPN’s

How to Watch / Access American Netflix Outside USA – Best Netflix VPN’s
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How to Watch / Access American Netflix Outside USA – Best Netflix VPN’s : Netflix is probably one of the most popular and most viewed website in the world, Netflix has all kinds of TV Shows and Movies from all over the world. Netflix was recently launched in around 100+ countries and every country has it’s own list of Movies and TV shows, The content on Netflix American cannot be accessed in Netflix India or Netflix Australia. But, there are some great TV Shows and movies on American Netflix if you wanna watch / access them, you can watch them by using a Premium VPN. This will also work if you are an american and travelling abroad and if you’d like to Watch Netflix America. 

If you try to Connect to Netflix using Proxy or a Public VPN, you’ll get the following error.

“Whoops, something went wrong.Streaming error.You seem to be using an unblocker or proxy. Please turn off any of these services and try again.”

This method is tested and works all over the world.

However, We have tested some VPN’s that works best to Watch American Netflix. Here’s how to Watch American Netflix outside USA

How to Watch / Access American Netflix Outside USA

1. Go to VYPR VPN and sign up for an account, or select any other VPN’s from the list (All of the listed VPN’s work for Accessing Netflix America) . Click the below link to get 25% OFF on VYPR VPN.

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Best Netflix VPN’s


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$8.32Per Month on 1-yr plan
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$2.39Per Month on 2-Year Plan
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2. Once you have registered on VYPR VPN, the next step is to Download and Install VYPR VPN on your device such as Android/iOS/Mac/Windows. It works on all devices below is the list of the devices supported by VYPR VPN.

Download VYPR VPN

3. After Installing VYPR VPN, Open the VYPR VPN app on your device and Enter the Login details you have used while creating your account.

4. Once you have logged into the VYPR VPN application, Select on the location tab and click on “Show all server locations”

5. Scroll all the way to the bottom and you will see different server location such as USA – Austin, Chicago, etc options. Select anyone of them and click Connect.

* I have tested with USA – Washington and it worked perfectly without any problems.

6. Now login to your Netflix account, You can now see all the Netflix American content without any error messages popping up.


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