How to use Spotify Abroad – Best Spotify VPN’s

how to access spotify while travelling abroad

How to use Spotify Abroad – Best Spotify VPNs : Spotify is a music music streaming website where you can listen to free music for unlimited hours. Spotify is also one of the most used apps, but it only works in selected regions . If you are travelling to a country where Spotify isn’t supported or launched yet, you will get an error message saying “Spotify is not available in your country.” But you can still access Spotify using a VPN. These VPN’s will give you unlimited IP address through which you can listen to music on Spotify.

Basically, A VPN will give you an IP address of any country you want, The VPN will trick Spotify that you are in a country where Spotify is supported such as United States, Brazil, United Kingdom etc.

how to access spotify while travelling abroad

List of Countries Spotify Supports :

  • USA
  • UK
  • Germany
  • Australia
  • Brazil
  • Canada

For more list of countries check the list here

How to use Spotify Abroad

VYPR VPN is the best VPN to will work when you are travelling abroad.

1. Go to VYPR VPN and Select any plan. Click the below link to get you 25% OFF

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2. Enter all details such as Name, Email, Password and Make the payment using Debit Card/Credit Card/PayPal/AliPay.

3. Now Install the VYPR VPN App from the website and install it on your device.

4. Sign in to VYPR VPN using your registered Email and password.

5. Connect to the United States Server or any country where Spotify is supported, see the list above.

6. Go to Spotify and start listening to your favorite music.

Now you can use Spotify while travelling without any hastle. If you face any problem,please write it down in the comments section below. I’ll try to help you as much as i can.

Best Spotify VPN’s

Here are some of the best Spotify VPN’s that will help you unblock spotify.



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